A-Z Guide

ADA Compliance

The Atlantic City Convention Center is fully accessible to our physically challenged visitors. This includes elevators to all levels, exterior ramps for wheelchair access, Braille signage in elevators and meeting rooms, and accessible restrooms with appropriate fixtures.

Head-sets are available through the A/V provider for those that are hearing impaired. In addition, the Center parking lots have specially marked and reserved parking spaces for disabled patrons. Concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Center is responsible for permanent building access accommodations described above. The Show Manager is responsible for non-permanent accessibility requirements such as, but not limited to, seating accessibility and auxiliary aids for the visually impaired, hearing impaired and mobility impaired. Wheelchairs and scooters can be rented thru the Business Center located in the Atrium level of the Atlantic City Convention Center. For more details please contact (609) 449-2480.


The Atlantic City Convention Center exhibit halls are divisible into five (5) separate exhibit spaces. The division of these halls is performed by manually closing the air walls to segregate the spaces. This is a complimentary service provided that the work is done during normal business hours. However, should Show Management or a Contractor request movement of the air wall(s), there will be a charge for that service to call in labor. Please contact your Event Manager for specific instructions and details. Reminder, no items may be placed within 5’ of an air wall by an exhibitor or service contractor due to fire marshal policy.


Animals and pets are not permitted in the Center. With prior notice, exceptions can be made if animals are in conjunction with an exhibit, display, or show. Service animals (as defined in the latest version of the ADA) with proper identification are permitted.


For our guests' convenience, there are three ATMs located within the convention center. Two are on the first level in the main atrium across from door #6. The third is on the second level just to the left of the Hall B entry.


No balloons are permitted in the Center.

Broadcast Rights, Photography, Videography

External lighting and power requirements for photographers must be paid for in advance. Please contact your Event Manager for further information and rates. Photographers for trade and public shows must perform all of their photography work during open show hours. Any work performed outside of open show hours may result in additional advance fees.


All event-based shuttle buses will load and unload in front of the venue just along the inside curb. Each entry door is numbered to ensure your guests know which door their specific shuttle is assigned. Please arrange pick-up and drop-off locations with your Event Manager. Overnight bus/motor coach parking is also available.

Purchase an overnight parking pass for your bus/motor coach.

Business Center

Atlantic City Convention Center’s answer to your business needs while you are away from home is our Business Center, conveniently located in our ground-level lobby. The regular business hours will coincide with most tradeshows and conventions. The store can be open after normal hours to accommodate convention/show needs if arranged ahead of time. In addition to handling packing and shipping for customers, The Business Center is a fully equipped copy center, with the ability to produce anything from black and white copies to full-color presentations while the customer waits. Signage and business cards are also available to help promote your booth and your business. Other services available at The Business Center are faxing, Internet access, copier, and fax machine rentals, office products and supplies, stamps, parcel receiving, binding, laminating, notary services, and scooter rental. The store also has a graphic artist on staff to meet your design needs. The Business Center has the exclusive right to provide these services to conventioneers within the building.

Cars (POV's Privately Owned Vehicles)

In an effort to provide the exhibitor with a “user-friendly” atmosphere, the Center has set up a program for POV’s. The vehicles owned by the exhibitor may be as large as a panel van. The exhibitor may park on the loading dock in a designated area, provided by the show contractor. They may carry their freight to and from their booth within a limited time allotment. Unauthorized vehicles parked on the loading dock or in a fire lane will be towed at the owner’s expense. The exhibitors also have the opportunity to park and carry their material from our parking garage provided they use equipment no larger than a two-wheel handcart.

Catering Services

Full-service catering is available exclusively through OVG Hospitality. Our Director of Catering is available to review all your menu needs from simple box lunches and buffets to elegant fine dining.

Contact the Director of Catering at (609) 449-2058.

Changeovers/Room Turns

Each client has the opportunity to decide how they would like the spaces they lease set up, There is no fee for a standard set-up, however, if labor is needed to change a room or Exhibit Hall from one set to another, additional labor fees apply.


Every show will have clean, ready-to-go spaces upon their arrival. Our housekeeping staff will work throughout the show hours to ensure public spaces and restrooms remain clean and fresh. Set up and post cleaning charges are based on the square footage of contracted space.

Coat/Luggage Check

Coat and luggage check is available at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Staffing must be arranged in advance through the Event Manager. A labor fee may be applied.

Concession Services

Concessions are available exclusively through OVG Hospitality and may be open during show hours. Concessions also have available move-in and move-out specials that can be pre-ordered and delivered to exhibitor booths. Menus can be customized to meet your event demographics. Concessions have a wide variety of hot delicious options as well as a quick grab-and-go items. There may be a minimum charge to open a concession stand(s). For more information please speak to the Director of Catering.


All contractors working within the Atlantic City Convention Center must wear visible identification at all times.

Insurance Requirements: All sub-contractors are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance evidencing a minimum of $1 million dollars each occurrence of general liability insurance as well as workman’s comp coverage and potential auto coverage. See Event Manager for additional details and a sample certificate of Insurance.

All sub-contractor operations and their employees must maintain generally accepted safe operating practices and follow all OSHA guidelines to ensure a safe workplace. All sub-contractors must adhere to all policy rules and regulations for the Atlantic City Convention Center and OVG360.


Show Management and/or Decorators are financially responsible for any damages to the Center beyond normal wear and tear. If damages occur during your event, show management will be notified shortly after the incident with written reports and pictures (if possible).


Signs, decorations, and related materials may not be taped, tacked, stapled, nailed, etc., or affixed in any manner, to painted surfaces, columns, fabrics, or decorative walls in the Center. Center permanent signs, banners, etc. may not be blocked in any manner. Temporary signs may not be attached in any manner to permanent Center signage. Please see the assigned Event Manager to review where items may be affixed or signs hung.


Decorators are considered contractors and must have the proper identification displayed at all times when in the venue. Decorators arrive at a clean ready space and are expected to return the space in the same clean condition. It is critical all equipment and empty containers are stored in the appropriate areas or placed back on the trucks. An Operations team member will meet with the decorator foreman assigned a show on arrival to review all expectations.


The Atlantic City Convention Center has a no drone policy. Please see your Event Manager for additional information and/or questions.


There are 20 escalators, 3 passenger elevators, and 3 freight elevators throughout the venue. Freight must be moved via a freight elevator as moving freight on a passenger elevator or escalator can cause serious damage and or harm to the individual. The Event Manager can review the best routes for attendee and exhibitor flow to the space.


An event estimate will be provided by the Event Manager and our service partners. An overall estimate for your event will also be provided for your convenience. The estimates will be based on information provided to date and are subject to change. Contact your Event Manager for further details.

Emergency Medical Technician

All events anticipating 1,000 or more people or at the building’s discretion will necessitate EMT services to be paid as a show expense. Your Event Manager will secure Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and discuss minimum staffing and hours of service for the EMTs. Depending on the nature of the event, EMT services may be required during move-in and move-out hours.

Show Management is required to provide an enclosed space for the EMT either on the show floor or an easily accessible meeting room. The communication to the EMT will be through the center’s Public Safety Department.

Evacuation Procedures

In the event of an alarm, all attendees, exhibitors, and staff will be required to exit the building. The Event Manager will contact the Show Manager directly when the alarm is cleared and everyone can re-enter the venue at that time. Venue staff will be on hand at all times to assist with exiting and advising when it is clear to re-enter.

Event Manager

Following the execution of the license agreement for your event, the center will assign an Event Manager to work with you on event planning and implementation. The Event Manager will contact you as soon as assigned and will remain your primary Convention Center liaison through the conclusion of your event.

The major function of the Event Manager is to gather all event information and disseminate that information to all building operating departments. Your Event Manager will put you in contact with our exclusive service contractors below. Please communicate regularly with your Event Manager during the planning process to ensure the successful production of your event.

Exclusive Services

The following services are “exclusive” to the Atlantic City Convention Center which means no other provider can be brought into the venue to provide those same services:

  • Catering and Concessions
  • Utilities
  • Aisle Carpet Cleaning
  • Booth Cleaning or Porter Service
  • Internet/WiFi/Data/Phone
  • Staging/Set-Up/Housekeeping
  • Security/EMT/Parking
  • On-Site Ticket Selling
  • Audio/Visual Labor

Exhibitor Rights

The Center has set up a variety of exhibitor rights to create a very user-friendly atmosphere. Full-time exhibitor personnel have the right to perform the following work:

  1. Unload and reload their own vehicle at the loading dock in an area specified by the Service Contractor/Show Management for the unloading of privately owned vehicles (POV’s) provided:
    1. They utilize the space designated by the Service Contractor/Show Management for said purpose within a limited time period. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense. Location must be approved by the Atlantic City Convention Center.
    2. They provide their own dollies or hand trucks.
    3. They utilize no motorized lift equipment or flatbeds.
    4. The vehicle is no larger than a panel van.
  2. Hand carry exhibit material through the garage entrance into the facility, provided:
    1. They do not utilize material handling equipment other than personal luggage carriers.
  3. Set up and dismantle their own display, provided:
    1. They use only full-time exhibitor employees with proper credentials in 10’x10’, 10’x20’ booths and 20’x20’ island booths.
  4. Custom-fit skirting for tables may be installed by exhibitor.
  5. Set up and handle their own product; including but limited to the installation, interconnection, calibration, and operation of equipment within an in-line 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ booth.
  6. However, on specialty products, an exhibitor may be permitted to assist the union labor.
  7. Union labor will operate all power tools. Some examples would be finished flooring on a floor covering show, and furniture on a furniture show. Show Management and exhibitors shall make these arrangements with the Decorator in advance of the show.
  8. Bring in, set up, and dismantle personal computer equipment within an in-line 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ booth. Can set a max of (1) computer per 10’ x 10’ or (2) per 10’ x 20’ booth.
  9. Registration areas and Meeting rooms: Installation of all computers whether personally owned or rented, laptops or desktops fall under the Jurisdiction of the Electrical Union for these larger spaces.

Exhibitor Service Ordering

All forms will be included in the service order kit sent by contractor or are available online. Exhibitors should contact the Client Utilities Department to review their needs prior to placing an order. Exhibitors can also submit an online order, under the Exhibit page.

Fire Marshal

The Atlantic City Convention Center is a state-owned facility. All approvals are provided by a New Jersey State Fire Inspector. The areas of approval consist of: floor plan approval, vehicles on display, vendor structures, open flame/cooking permits, and hall capacities. Contact your Event Manager for more questions.

Floor Plans

Floor plans must be provided to your Event Manager a minimum of 30 days in advance of the first day of move-in in order to receive Fire Marshal approval. In the event the floor plans are updated/revised, additional copies will be required for Fire Marshal approval. The Event Manager will need eighteen (18) 1/32” CAD drawings to distribute to the various departments.

Fog/Hazer Machines

Only venue-supplied haze machines are permitted in our facility. The rental cost of each would be provided by the Event Manager. The use of fog machines is strictly prohibited. Additional costs may apply.

Food and Beverage

OVG Hospitality is the exclusive Food and Beverage provider for all Catered Events and Concession sales. Our Food and Beverage Department is prepared to offer the finest quality products and services for all functions, from a Continental Breakfast to a Black Tie Dinner Gala. Themed events can be planned and presented that are guaranteed to meet your budget and delight your guests. OVG Hospitality also has the capability to offer special dietary menus. Please have your Event Manager introduce you to a Food & Beverage Representative early in your planning process. Our Catering Sales Manager and Executive Chef are poised to assist you in making your event spectacular.

Food and Beverage Sampling

The practice of exhibitors bringing in their own food or beverage is in direct conflict with the OVG Hospitality exclusive contract at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Therefore, it is our policy that any exhibitor who is providing ANY food or non-alcoholic beverage item will be required to notify OVG Hospitality in advance as to the nature of the proposed product giveaway (fees are applicable unless waived by OVG Hospitality or purchased through OVG Hospitality).

  1. Sampling of food or non-alcoholic beverage items would not be permitted if the item being dispensed has no relation to such exhibitor’s business.
  2. OVG Hospitality requires all food and non-alcoholic beverages to be of sample size portions; 2-ounce portions for food and 4-ounce cups for non-alcoholic beverages. Written approval must then be obtained from OVG Hospitality at least (7) seven working days prior to the show opening.
  3. If your sample requires you to cook on the show floor the following are approved cooking apparatus: George Foreman Grills, Panini Grills, Induction Cookers, Butane Stoves, Toaster Ovens, Sauté Pans (not using grease or oils), Pressure Cookers, Deep Fryers with built-in suppression Systems and NJ State Fire Inspector Approval. Not approved are Electric Grills or any items creating “Grease Laden Vapors”. All booths cooking food must be clear of all combustible materials and contain at least 1 (one) 20 BC rated fire extinguisher. Open flame units will require a fire permit. See your Event Manager for additional details.
  4. Any Exhibitor requesting to give away samples of alcoholic beverages must obtain a special event liquor license from the Liquor Control Board for the State of New Jersey (fees are applicable unless waived by OVG Hospitality or purchased through OVG Hospitality). Samples dispensed are limited to those products that are manufactured, processed, or distributed by the entity requesting permission. Please refer to the Exhibitors Agreement for further specifications. You must also hire an OVG Hospitality union bartender to serve any alcoholic beverages. Bartender fees will apply. Samples are limited to 1 ounce of beer or wine and 1/2 ounce of spirituous liquors. Alcoholic Samples are to only be served to persons 21 years of age or older. Each booth must provide a visible sign, stating: “Guests must be 21 years of age to participate in sampling of alcoholic beverages. Picture I.D is required”

Insurance Requirements: General Certificate Liability will be required; contact the Director of Catering for details. Any exhibitor providing samples of food and non-alcoholic beverage must operate within the local Health Department Guidelines.


The Center cannot accept advance freight deliveries. Due to limited storage space, all freight, including packages, mail, etc., must be shipped to your service contractor/decorator and delivered to the Center during the designated move-in period. Any freight scheduled for delivery to the Center during move-in periods should be to the attention of your service contractor/decorator. The Center will not accept C.O.D. shipments under any circumstances nor will the Center accept responsibility for costs associated with freight delivery/pick-up during non-assigned periods. The Center will not be liable for the security of freight left in the facility, nor can we assume responsibility for the shipping of such freight.

Freight left on the floor will be considered “forced freight” and will be handled through the show decorator. Shows not using a service contractor/decorator should make arrangements with the Business Center. They will be able to accept small freight (up to 150lbs), schedule out bound deliveries, and work with Show Management and/or Exhibitors to ensure the freight is available for pick-up. The building is not responsible for freight left behind. Please contact the Business Center at (609) 449-2480 for any associated costs.


Employees of the Center are not able to accept gratuities or gifts from Show Management, Exhibitors, or Attendees.

Heating/Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioning are provided only during open show hours on the exhibit floor and during seminar hours in meeting rooms. They are not included during move-in and move-out hours on the exhibit floor due to freight doors being open at that time. If heating/ air conditioning is required in meeting rooms and/or exhibit halls other than scheduled event hours, your Event Manager can review the potential costs at your convenience.


All show personnel are required to wear visible identification badges at all times. Show Contractors must ensure their employees and management staff are identified from the first day of move-in until the last day of move-out. Exhibitors must also wear ID badges prior to entering the exhibit hall. Show Management must supply a sample set of ID badges to the Event Manager along with a detailed description of any restrictions associated with them at least five (5) days in advance of the first day of the move-in.

Information Desk/Restaurant Cart

The Convention Center Information Desk provides information for restaurants, shopping areas, entertainment, and attractions that are located within the Atlantic County area. The complementary Restaurant Cart can be set up near your registration area or inside the exhibit halls. The cart will be operated by a Guest Services Representative during event hours. Contact the Visit Atlantic City Convention Services Department, (609) 449-7135, for the set-up of the Restaurant Cart.


The Atlantic City Convention Center has the capability of providing show managers with their own set of keys for specific meeting rooms and other offices. For a fee, the locks may be changed to provide you with sole access to each room. There is no deposit required; however, you may be invoiced for each key not returned at the conclusion of your event.

Labor Services

The Atlantic City Convention Center has Collective Bargaining Agreements with many labor organizations. All Show Managers are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of these agreements. Contact your Event Manager to help coordinate all labor information and exhibitor rights clauses as they pertain to your event.


Meeting rooms are equipped with fluorescent and dimmable incandescent lights. Exhibit halls are equipped with a newly installed LED lighting system with state-of-the-art controls. Work lights are provided in the exhibit halls for all move-in and move-out hours at no additional charge. Full show lighting is available during event hours; additional fees for customized lighting needs will apply.

Loading/Unloading Docks

If you require the use of the loading docks for move-in and move-out, Security will be assigned by the Center and these Public Safety Officers will enforce parking rules and traffic control. The Center staff will retain complete control over all loading dock areas and will make every effort to maintain a safe and effective loading dock operation. Please supply your Event Manager with all information regarding your move-in/move-out activities to facilitate the smooth operation of your event. New Jersey Fire Code regulations prohibit parking on loading docks, ramps, or on the exhibit floor. Vehicles in violation will be towed at the owners’ expense.

Lost and Found

Any lost items turned into our staff will be delivered to our in-house Public Safety Department where it will be logged and held for thirty days. In the event someone lost an item please direct them to any uniformed Public Safety officer who will connect them with the Public Safety Manager on duty.

Marketing Services

As part of our commitment to you, we provide a full complement of services to help ensure a successful event. Whether you’re seeking assistance for a trade show or public show, a sporting event or concert, our full-service marketing department is able to assist you with your public relations and marketing needs.

Some of the services are available free of charge, others may be fee-based and contingent upon the production or size of the event. We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable staff that is familiar with the market, media planning and buying, promotions, sponsorships, public relations, and creative services.

If you represent a media outlet seeking further information about the facility, our shows or if you wish to inquire about obtaining credentials to cover our events, we are happy to provide expert assistance.

Media inquiries can be directed to:

Erin Satterfield, Director of Marketing
Atlantic City Convention Center
Phone: (609) 348-7072

Jessica Kasunich, Communications Manager
Visit Atlantic City
Phone: (609) 318-6062

The following resources are available for your event*

  1. Press release and media advisory to approximately 150 local/regional print, broadcast and Internet media outlets.
  2. Event listing on electronic marquees located on the exterior of both facilities.
  3. Placement of logo and event information on plasma screens located throughout Atlantic City Convention Center.
  4. Event listing on Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City Convention Center, and Visit Atlantic City (CRDA) websites.
  5. Placement of event brochures (provided by show promoter) in Boardwalk Hall, Convention Center, and CRDA Welcome Centers, located within Boardwalk Hall.
  6. Hotlink capability between our building’s website and your event website.
  7. Partnership opportunities with NJ Transit; daily rail service from Philadelphia to Atlantic City terminates in the Convention Center.
  8. Social media promotional opportunities throughout Atlantic City Convention Center and Visit Atlantic City’s social sites.

*Subject to availability and certain fees may apply.


There are 1,000 parking spaces on the first level of the Center (Garage height 7’) for attendees and exhibitors. Please contact your Event Manager for information regarding VIP/curbside parking passes. In addition, numerous public lots and garages are within walking distance of the Center.


Uniformed Atlantic City Police or NJ State Police are the only armed security permitted in the facility. Any special security services regarding police will be arranged through the Public Safety Department. Contact your Event Manager for further information.

Pre & Post Conference Meetings

In order to better coordinate the servicing of your needs, your Event Manager will schedule a pre-event meeting with the Center staff for the implementation and review of your event requirements. An event survey will be provided to you following your event. We would appreciate your cooperation in completing the survey, so we may continue to improve our service.

Production Services

The Atlantic City Convention Center has contracted Encore as the preferred provider of a full range of audio-visual services at the Center. Approved outside audio-visual suppliers are permitted to operate in the Center. Please inform your Event Manager should you elect to contract the services of an outside supplier.

Should you elect to use an audio-visual supplier other than Encore, there will be a patch fee for the use of the sound systems in the meeting rooms. Your audio-visual supplier should obtain all labor to setup and operate audio-visual equipment through Encore. Please have your audio visual supplier contact Encore for rate information.

Should you choose to hire outside entertainment, such as a band, orchestra, or D.J., stagehand labor may be required to load/unload, transport, set up/dismantle all band equipment. Encore can be contacted to discuss any and all questions.


The Atlantic City Convention Center is a LEED GOLD Certified Facility. Shows moving in will see large wired cages distributed on the show floors with various labels such as cardboard, vinyl wrap, etc. These cages are to make it as easy as possible for decorators and exhibitors to help the Center recycle by placing major items in the appropriate container.


The only area in the Convention Center where rigging from the ceiling is permitted is in the exhibit halls and with authorized personnel. Rigging plots and specifications (weight loads, etc.) must be submitted to the Center management for written approval. Please contact your Event Manager for specific instructions and details.

Room Sets

Capacities vary based on square footage and room set. Capacities decrease with the addition of staging, dance floors, or audio/visual equipment. Check with your Event Manager to confirm room capacities prior to preparing room specifications for your event.

Set-ups: (Meeting Rooms) A one (1) time basic set-up is included in the rental of all meeting rooms. You may choose between theater, classroom, conference, hollow square, U-shape, or banquet style (6’ round tables). Also included in the rental: the use of a lectern, one (1) piece of riser staging, a head table, a skirted display table in the back of the room, and one (1) registration table at the entrance to the room. Any additional equipment such as skirting or tablecloths for tables, extra staging, or tables can be provided to you for an additional charge.

Exhibit Halls: Additional costs will be incurred for use of the Center’s equipment on the exhibit floor, with the exception of any food/beverage areas. Additional costs may be incurred for changes/additions. Consult your Event Manager for details.


The Center maintains an extensive in-house security operation. Our trained building security personnel maintain 24-hour security coverage for the Center’s perimeter areas, internal corridors and life safety alarm system. Building security will also open and secure exterior and interior access doors and monitor internal traffic flow.

The Center provides event personnel on an exclusive in-house basis. Services available include show security, overnight security, badge checkers, ticket takers, etc. Event staffing is required for events during move-in, open event hours, and move-out. These costs are in addition to services provided with your License Agreement. Your Event Manager along with the Center’s Public Safety Department will develop a comprehensive, cost-effective event personnel plan catered to fit your specific needs.

All incidents or injuries, vandalism, fire, theft, etc., should be reported to the Public Safety Manager immediately. Following notification of any incidents, Public Safety staff will initiate appropriate reports and investigations. All incident reports done by Atlantic City Convention Center are internal documents and cannot be released. Staffing levels will be at the discretion of Center Management as deemed appropriate after carefully considering the nature and character of the event.

Security services will be provided under the following guidelines:

  1. There is a four (4) hour minimum per guard per day.
  2. Two (2) or more assigned fixed positions will require a supervisor (2-10 guards require one (1) supervisor; above 10, an additional supervisor is required).
  3. On large calls (6 or more), an additional break person will be scheduled.
  4. Convention Center Security Services will man all ticket taking/ pass gate posts. Badge checking can be provided by Convention Center Security Services or by Show Management Staff. See the Event Manager for more details.
  5. Any door utilized for ingress/egress or load-in/ load-out must be manned during use.
  6. Overnight security is required at all events leaving materials (including decorator equipment) in any area of the facility after business hours.


Center management recognizes that the placement and display of exterior signs and banners is a useful tool in promoting events. We also recognize that due to the size and complexity of the building, it is often necessary to place directional signs and will make every attempt to assist you with your sign and banner requests. However, the Center has certain guidelines and policies regarding location, type, size, and number of signs and banners.

  1. All sign requests, whether interior or exterior, must be approved by Center Management prior to placement.
  2. No nails, hooks, screws, tacks, or adhesives should be used to secure signs. All interior signs must be on easels.
  3. Convention Center staff or other approved labor will be required to hang your banners for an additional charge.
  4. There is a designated outdoor banner hanging space between Door #’s 5 and 6, and 6 and 7 on the exterior. Please contact your Event Manager for information concerning the size of the banner area.
  5. No signs should be taped on walls, doors, columns, or windows.

On many occasions, multiple events are scheduled simultaneously within the Center and it may not always be possible to assign exterior banner/sign locations to all Show Managers requesting them. A banner/sign request must be submitted and approved for all banners and signs to be hung. The Atlantic City Convention Center holds the exclusive right for advertising in the Center. Should Show Management wish to sell sponsorship banners/clings to be hung in public areas, permission must first be granted for the sales and hanging of banners/clings. Please contact the Director of Partnerships at (609) 348-7021 for specific information, fees, and details.


In accordance with N.J. State Law, smoking is prohibited at the Atlantic City Convention Center. This includes cigars, cigarettes, marijuana, electronic devices/vapes, pipes, etc.

Technology Services

Smart City is our exclusive technology provider at the Atlantic City Convention Center for all telephone, data, internet, and Wi-Fi services.

For more information about our multi-media, networking, and technology packages and how they can meet your specific communication requirements, please contact our Smart City Sales Department at (609) 449-3446.

Ticketing/Box Office

The Atlantic City Convention Center will provide full box office services and on-site ticket sales solutions for any event. Ticketmaster is the preferred ticketing service used and your Event Manager can schedule a meeting for you with our box office personnel to review all ticketing options including hours and staffing levels, ticket prices, ticket ordering, box office credit card charges, and tax regulations.

All tickets used must be approved by the Convention Center. The box office will check all tickets against the show manifest to ensure accuracy prior to opening the sale of tickets to the public. The Center’s box office will maintain control of ticket distribution, box office operations, revenue generated, and ticket sales personnel. A final statement will be provided by the box office at the end of the event which will detail ticket sales.

Show Management is responsible for payment of all applicable state and local taxes from gross sales of all tickets sold.

Utility Services

Electrical and Plumbing services are offered exclusively through Atlantic City Convention Center’s Client Utilities Services Department for all events.

The main exhibit hall provides electrical and water/drain services in floor boxes located every 30 feet. These services are available upon request. Meeting rooms offer limited floor box power. Utilization of permanent wall outlets, servicing 120 volts / 16 amps, may be used by any client or contractor in all meeting rooms without charge.

Your Event Manager will put you in touch with a Convention Center Client Utilities Representative, who will supply copies of Electrical, Plumbing, Booth Cleaning, and Porter Service order forms which should be included in your exhibitor kits and also included in the back of this Guide. Online service ordering for exhibitors can be found HERE. Floor orders, changes, and problems will be addressed at the Convention Center Electrical Service Desk, which will be open throughout the duration of your show. For additional information, please call (609) 449-2291.

Vehicles for Display

Display vehicles are permitted on the exhibit hall floor under the following conditions:

  1. All Display vehicles must have fuel tanks between 1/8 to 1/4 full. Larger vehicles such as a semi or trash truck, etc. should be no more than 1/8 full.
  2. The vehicle must not impede or obstruct ingress or egress into the convention center. Once vehicles are set in place they cannot be moved during show hours for safety reasons.
  3. A spare set of keys should be left with show management in case of emergency.

Waste Removal

The Center will provide Show Management with a clean floor. Show Management is responsible for pre and post-event cleaning costs and trash removal costs (i.e. dumpster, compactor, trash truck). During your event, the Center’s Event Cleaning Department, will maintain all public and show common areas, which include: lobbies, hallways, restrooms, meeting rooms, and Convention Center-owned trash cans placed in the aisles on the exhibit floor. Trash removal fees will be based on the amount of trash produced. Refer to the Statement of Estimated Charges (provided by your Event Manager) for all trash removal and pre/post-show cleaning prices.

Wheelchair/Motorized Scooters

Wheelchairs and motorized scooters are available for rent at the Business Center located on the main entry atrium level.